12 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

There is a direct connection between a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship. It’s no secret. If you and your partner are enjoying a great sex life, then you’re better off than most. In fact, In a recent survey I conducted, 66% of respondents said that they are not sexually satisfied by their lover. So you don’t have to let your relationship and your bedroom life suffer, I’m offering some healthy ways to put some passion back in your sex life.

Sex can become boring and monotonous at times, but you have to continue to add spice and intrigue to it.  People too often make sex a routine. Follow some of the suggestions below and you’ll have your partner wanting you, craving you, and begging your for more sex!

1.        You’ve tried sex with the lights on, right? How about sex with the blinds wide open! This will add an element of excitement that people might see or hear you having sex. It’s a mental turn on.
2.        Try being completely silent during sex. A lot of times, we try so hard to say erotic things, it becomes less natural. How about trying not to say a word. You’ll be totally focused on the task at hand.
3.        Sex in public can add some excitement. Not real public, but a quiet park, or in the car in a parking lot should do the trick. There is an element of getting caught, but not too much that it will make you worry.
4.        Role play. I don’t mean dress up as a nurse or a cop. I mean, find something that will turn you both on. Try pretending that one of you is a shy virgin, the other married and mature. Have the mature person totally take advantage of the shy virgin.
5.        Lights, Camera, Action! Try filming you and your partner having sex. Make sure you both consent to this. Don’t get tricky. Knowing you’re on camera can be really hot, and it can get even steamier when you watch it together.
6.        Try pretending you don’t know each other. Go to a bar, and have the woman get there about 30 minutes before the man. Pretend like you don’t know each other. Watch other guys hit on her. Both of you will get excited knowing that other people want her. Then, you move in, pretending you don’t know her, make your best move, and take her home.
7.        Try spending a weekend at a hotel, with just the two of you. No cell phones, no distractions. Just an entire weekend of spending time with each other. You’ll develop some real intimacy, and have some passionate sex.
8.        Look your partner in the eye. A lot of times, during sex, we aren’t locked in on each other’s eyes. When you’re having sex, lock eyes, and hold it. It will intensify her orgasm because she knows he is totally into her at that moment.
9.        Explore new territory. When sex becomes a routine, we forget about all the other places on each other’s body. Try exploring, by kissing, licking, and gently running your fingers over all of their body parts. You’ll find out which one’s they like by their reactions.
10.    Relaxing Massage. You’ll be surprised at how massaging your partners stress away will relax them and make you want to please you any way they can.
11.    Get a Grip! When you’re having sex, right when you’re about to orgasm, grab each other tightly, like you’re not going to let go. It’s amazing how a woman feels when you have  a strong hold of her as you climax.
12.    Have a make out session, PG-13 style. Yeah, pretend you’re 16 again. Make out with each other, kissing, touching, grabbing, for 1 full hour without going below the belt. You’ll build up a lot of anticipation for what will come later.

This list could go on and on, and with your help, we can make it grow. Try some of these out and start improving your sex life with your partner. It will add romance, spice, excitement, and intimacy. You can also take this short survey to contribute to what you like in bed.

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