Perfection Needs the Right Way to Make the Right Moment

Perfection Needs the Right Way to Make the Right Moment

You will not tell me that this does not work. Try it first, is it okay? Ok, let’s cut to the chase: Today we have for you a mental trick that will allow you to earn more money. Therefore, it is most likely to work for you, regardless of your current situation.

The trick

The trick is quite simple: Save more money in your wallet than you normally have .

Pretty simple, do we agree?

However, we want you to pay attention to why it works, and what is the meaning of doing it. The first thing you should know is that each person has a certain level of “Comfort” with their current income.

Even if they are quite low

On the other hand, those who earn more money are more comfortable having and managing more money than those who earn little. This brings us to the fact that if you want to be making more money, you should feel much more comfortable with large amounts. And the opposite is also true: If you do not feel comfortable handling large amounts of money, it is quite easy to sabotage your own attempts to earn it.

Why it works

  • When you have, say $ 20 dollars on average in your wallet or pocket, you are conditioned to think that amount is “Normal”.
  • However, when you increase that amount, (possibly with what you have in your bank account, or the next salary) you start reprogramming your mind to adapt to something greater.
  • This is simply a mental trick, because it programs you to see opportunities and activate Reticular Training in your brain.
  • In other words, it gives you the affinity to generate larger amounts and feel that said money is normal.

Important Note: If you do not have a lot of money, it does not matter. If you do not win anything, at some point you should have a coin or banknote in your hand.

  • You do not have anything to keep in your wallet, because I’m sure you’re already big enough to leave the excuses aside.
  • Start with an amount of money that makes you feel relatively uncomfortable for being “a lot”. And you will see how little by little you will adapt to the idea of managing more money.

This simply works. It is not a business model, it is not a Forex opportunity, nor is it a multilevel system. It is a strategy of mental reprogramming that will allow you to see, smell and feel opportunities where before, there was only confusion.

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