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How to keep a relationship with a personal space

This is really hard, but sometimes we need to leave more space for our partner. In this case, it is important to act smart to save happiness and joy. Be close but keep the personal space. Find more information in this article. 

Personal space in a relationship on a distance

The fact is that each person should have his own personal space where he or she could feel as free and independent as possible. This is necessary to maintain internal balance, core, and also individuality. When a person begins to be constantly under the influence of people around him, he withers and gradually disappears. In a relationship, the situation does not change by viewing

If your partner comes home from school or work tired and first of all he or she sits down to play his favorite game, this does not mean that he doesn’t love you. Perhaps it is precisely at this time he must be alone to think about the day. Instead, if you start bothering him with conversations that you think are really important, you create problems and misunderstanding.

Keep the personal space untouchable. At the same time, you can create hobbies that you will enjoy together. Over time, the interest to each other fades away, when all conversations were spoken, problems solved. Reading together can improve the relationship. Books are a treasure trove for conversations. We spend much more time reading a book than watching a movie, so be prepared for heated arguments.

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