How To Date A Waitress

Restaurants today have a formula. Consider all the ‘mainstream’ popular restaurants that you and your friends frequent. I would rather not mention names here, but they are popular chains where you can get a decent lunch and a reasonable dinner. They have a fun atmosphere, clean surroundings, and the food isn’t half bad. But, realize what part of the «fun atmosphere» is: the service staff. Part of the formula for success is to have a very cute, friendly, cute, young, and cute hostess greet you at the door. Her smile guarantees that no man will leave while waiting for the table. Then, once sat, a delightful looking, perky waitress arrives at your table with enthusiasm. She is there to guide you through the meal with a smile on her face, which she does remarkably well. You not only tip big, in hopes of being remembered, but also make at least a mental note to come back here with prayers of having her again. As you drive back to the office, you probably have one question on your mind, «How can I pick up a waitress?» The follow up questions are natural, «Can I? How? What do I say?»

I have spent twenty years in the restaurant business. I have done everything from washing dishes, to being a Director of Operations. I have hired and managed more waitresses than I care to remember. I became friends with a few and feel I know just enough to shed a little light on servers as a species that may prove helpful to you.

Let us examine the beast you wish to conquer. Servers tend to be a short term nomadic people. Many are in college and just trying to make enough to pay rent and get some beer. Serving (to them) is a job, not a career. If they feel they could make more at another restaurant, they are gone within twenty four hours.   Long term relationships are not a familiar concept to them, or at least not in the traditional sense. If they stay with a significant other for six months, they pat themselves on the back.

Servers are young, idealistic, slightly rebellious, and often filled with smiles and a generally infectious embrace of life. They appear to know where a great party is happening all the time. If you have been divorced, depressed, or practically a shut-in, a server would certainly look very attractive.

So, how can all this help you? How can I pick up a waitress? Well, it depends upon what you are looking for. If you are looking for a long term relationship, move along. If you are looking for a sweet girl to «save» by showing her the time of her life and spoiling her rotten and looking for her to fall in love with you in return, move along.   If you are still interested, let’s figure out how to help you.

First, despite all I said above, waitresses are people. They have feelings, goals, and personal lives completely separate from work. They have families, work issues, hobbies, and interests. Your server will be personable. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions! Be confident, and be yourself.

Here’s a trick for you to get the ball rolling.   F. O. R. M.   It is an acronym for the following:  Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Message. «Do you have family in the area? Where are you from? How long have you worked here? What did you do before this? What are you planning for the future? What do you like to do when you not working? Do you have any hobbies? I’ll be going over to the (popular bar) later with some friends; I’d love it if you joined us, my treat! Here’s my number if you would need a ride.»

Yes, waitresses get hit on a lot. Be non-threatening. Be interested in her for more than her sex appeal.   Be nice. Be yourself. Don’t look desperate. And, for God’s sake, pick up the tab if she agrees to have a drink with you!   In my years in that business, these would be the nuggets of wisdom that I could offer on how to pick up a waitress. Good luck!

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