Flowers And Opening Doors

Learn To Approach Question: Do girls like flowers and having doors opened for them?

The reason I ask is because I met a girl a few weeks ago and for our first date I bought her flowers, open the car door for her and opened every door that evening for her.  The next day I called her and she wouldn’t return my call I have rang her five times and left messages but she still hasn’t rang me back. I spoke to a friend of mine who said should never open a door for a woman or buy her flowers because women don’t like that. Is this true? Redman Sweden
My Thoughts: Redman, thank you for your e-mail. I know you have written this e-mail is one question that after reading it once or twice I think there’s two questions in this e-mail. The first question is to women like flowers and having doors opened for them and the second question is why hasn’t the girl took out call you back. So I’m going to answer both of these questions for you.
So the first part of your question the girls like flowers and having doors opened for them? Well I guess you could ask the same question of guys do all guys like sport? The answer to both of these questions is no not all girls like flowers and having doors opened for them and not all guys like sport, but a high majority of them do.
If you’re the kind of guy who likes to open car doors and give women flowers that fine and I think it’s safe to say that when you meet the right woman you will make her very happy. I don’t know if I personally would do flowers on the first date but if that’s your thing it’s not going to hurt your chances with her. But you need to understand that it would never work out between you and a girl who doesn’t want doors opened for her.
There is a percentage of women who I call man-chicks. This group of girls I normally men haters, but I wouldn’t stress too much about them as you will rarely date one or want to date one. As a general I personally will always open a door for a woman and let her walk in first even if I’ve never met her before.
So the second part of your question why your date never ring you back honestly I don’t know. I don’t think I would put it down to the flowers and the opening doors maybe you just blew it I don’t know, if you want to write back to me and tell me a little bit more please do so and I might be able to give you some better advice.

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