First Kiss Tips

A couple is standing on the woman’s porch saying goodnight after the second date. They both gaze into each other’s eyes and lean in simultaneously for the perfect first kiss. He puts his hand on the back of her neck and they kiss each other with passion. They pull away at the same time and smile at each other. He tells her that he can’t wait until their next date. Cut! This is a scene from a movie, not real life. How do you know when to kiss someone for the first time? Will it be one of those awkward moments where one person turns their head to the side and the other person ends up kissing the other’s cheek?

Being able to pick up on someone’s signs that he/she is interested in sharing a kiss is a needed quality for dating. Does the person seem interested in you? Are they standing close to you and making eye contact, or are they keeping distance between the two of you with a glazed over look in their eyes? Notice these signals.

Kissing on the first date is a controversial topic. If you kiss someone on the first date, are you too forward? If the date is going really well and you’re both into each other, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a kiss on the first date. Once you kiss someone, you can tell if you mesh well romantically, and most know this is important. If you hate the way a person kisses you, then the relationship may not last very long. So after you make the decision to have a first kiss, how do you make it good one?
Do not ask if you can kiss him/her. This completely spoils the mood. If you’re going to go for the kiss, just go for it, which means don’t hesitate. That can lead to an extremely awkward moment. If the other person doesn’t want to kiss, they will usually turn their head to the side or move backwards. Take this as a hint and stop.

Remember that a kiss isn’t a business transaction. You’re not kissing your grandmother, so don’t tighten up your lips. Have fun with it. Don’t just give the person a peck on the lips like you’re a chicken. That’s not romantic. But don’t shove your tongue down the other person’s throat either. Start slow and then keep going if the person responds. If the other person doesn’t respond don’t push it. Just pull away for the moment.

Don’t make the other person do all the work. You should be engaged in the kiss as much as the other person. If you’re not into it, the other person will be able to tell.
You can kiss someone romantically by opening your mouth slightly and allowing the other person to guide the kiss. If you’re a guy, you should touch her when you kiss. Put her hand on the back of her neck to pull her closer, place your hand on her cheek, or gently rest your hands on her waist. This isn’t the time to act like a cave man.

One of the worst mistakes a person can make on a first kiss is to have terrible breath. This may sound unusual, but bring some mouthwash and floss along, especially if your date consists of dinner. After you finish dinner, excuse yourself and head to the bathroom to check on your teeth. Make sure there aren’t any leftover chunks of food hiding in your teeth and take a couple swigs of mouthwash. When you kiss your date, you’ll feel more confident if you know the garlic from the pasta isn’t lingering in your mouth.
Also, get your lips ready for the first kiss. You don’t want them to be chapped and dry. Use chap-stick for a couple of days before your date. If you’re a girl, don’t apply multiple layers of lip gloss. Guys hate kissing women when they have glittery goop all over their lips, because it means that they will be covered in the glittery mess after the kiss.

Attempt the first kiss in private. Don’t go for the first kiss in the middle of a restaurant or during a holiday party at the office. This can become a very embarrassing scene. Wait until your dropping off your date or watching a movie together in the comfort of your living room.
One last tip – keep your sense of humor. If the first kiss doesn’t go perfectly, don’t panic. If you accidentally bump noses or hit teeth, laugh about it and try again. Every kiss isn’t perfect so lighten the mood and impress your date with your sense of humor.

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