First Date

Conversation Tips So tonight’s the night you are going on a date with the woman of your dreams. Now because you really like this girl you went to some effort and have found the perfect venue.

While you’re driving to see her for the first time or to pick her up, you have 1 million thoughts running through your head. Now most of these thoughts will be things like what if she doesn’t like the place I chose, what if I spill food on myself or what if she stands me up?
Now if you are on a date with the girl and she doesn’t like the place you chose or you spill food on yourself or even if she stands you up these aren’t problems that can’t be handled. The worst thing that can happen on a date is she loves the venue but sits there in silence because you are unable to keep the conversation with her flowing.
This happens to a lot of guys they can be a very confident person but as soon as you put them in front of a beautiful woman they seem to clam up and become too nervous to speak and when they do say something it’s normally something about the weather or the car ride to the venue. Don’t let your nerves destroy your date.
There is no need to be nervous around a beautiful woman on your first date, you have done all the hard work and she is interested in you, if she wasn’t interested in you she wouldn’t be spending a few hours with you wanting to get to know you better.  Now when she gets to know you a little bit better then she will decide if there will be a second date, if you blow the first date is very difficult maybe even near impossible to get the second date.
The key to a great date is great conversation, and you as the guy at your job to keep the conversation rolling, and if you keep the conversation on her you will find that she has a much better time. There is no woman who wants to sit there while you list off your achievements and how fantastic you are let her find out for herself how fantastic you are, you don’t need to tell her.

I will give you a list of five great questions that you can ask a girl on a first date, now these questions are a little generalized so you may need to make them more suitable to her. By all means use these questions when you are out on a date but also take the time to think of some other questions of your own to ask her.
Question number 1: What do you enjoy about your job? Now if she turns around and says she enjoys nothing about her job and she hates it, change the subject. Don’t fall into the trap of asking her why she doesn’t like the job, she just told you she hates it and if she talks about it is going to bring the mood down. If on the other hand she said she loves the job asked her what it is about the job she loves.
Question number 2: Is she close to her family. And this is a great question because it will tell you if there’s any “civil” wars going on in her family that you one day may be involved in. Now personally I would never have a relationship with a woman who has a bad relationship with the family, to me it’s just too much work.
Question number 3: Does she like to travel and where has she been? This is a fantastic question because it can take her back to the moments where she was having so much fun, the great thing is she will now link that fun up to being with you. If she has never travelled simply ask her where would you love to go.
Question number 4: What are her dreams? If you ask a girl what her dreams are listen to what she says and ask questions. No matter how far out her dream sounds never disrespect them. Why would a beautiful woman want to be with a guy who disrespects her dreams or makes fun of them.
Question number 5: Does she play and musical instrument? If she says that she does play a musical instrument ask her why she chose to play that in particular instrument, if she doesn’t play an instrument ask her what instrument you would like to be able play.
When you are on a date with a woman for the first time don’t fall into the trap most guys do. The trap is trying to impress her with your stories and your achievements so she will like you more, normally doing this will guarantee you will never get a second date. It’s okay to walk away from your first days with her not knowing too much about you and you’d knowing everything about her, why do this? Simple because now she wants to find out all about you and will be calling you to organize the second date.

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