Dating Tips for Halloween

Fall is here, and that means one thing to any college student: Halloween. From pumpkin carving to alcohol-induced mischief, any self-respecting party animal flocks to the opportunities this coveted holiday has to offer. The best part? Halloween can be enjoyed on a college budget. Here are a few cheap and fun ideas on incorporating the holiday into any date or outing.
Monster Movie Marathon.
If she has the stomach for it, spend a quiet night on the couch with a blanket and some frightful classics. The Twilight Zone, Halloween, The Amityville Horror, etc. Chances are these movies and many others will be on already, so let’s call it a free date. And a date that is guaranteed to end with a few thrills and necessary cuddling.
Pumpkin Carving.
Don’t be afraid to pick up a few at the local pumpkin patch. You can usually find two pumpkins and a carving set for under $30. It will give her a chance to have some with arts and crafts and (more importantly) an opportunity for him to show off his manliness by carving when she gives up.
By now you’re old enough to know that you’re never too old to dress up for Halloween. From trick-or-treating, to college parties, to office parties, everyone loves the novelty of getting a little crazy behind a mask. Don’t want to spend a fortune on a costume? Add an extra date by making your costumes together. She will love this once-a-year chance to dress you up and he will obviously love the fact that he can make your bunny outfit show just a little more skin.
Caramel Apples.
Grab a bottle of wine on your way home and make some caramel apples together. This makes for a fun, easy, and festive date that will last a few hours and typically cost under $10! It will give you two a chance to get to know each other, and might end with more than one delicious treat. Side note: cut the apples into quarter pieces if you want to make a sweeter snack.
House Party.
Everyone is looking for a Halloween party to drink and celebrate, and if none of your friends or classmates are throwing one, do it yourself! Any party or decorative store will feature a variety of cheap items to put up around the house. Don’t worry about the «refreshments;» if you have been in college a day, you’ve been in college long enough to know everyone will be bringing drinks and other items needed to get the party going. And, of course, she’ll see how fun you can really be.
Hard Cider.
You may have learned by now that drinking is as much a part of Adult Halloween as trick-or-treating is for kids. So combine the seasonal enjoyment of apple cider with the all-year enjoyment of alcohol and you’re ready to go. Hard apple cider is an increasing commodity and you can usually find different flavors to suit your taste (and your date’s) to boost any evening you may have planned. No more expensive than your usual six-pack, you can find hard cider at most grocery stores or beer depots.
Haunted Houses.
Everyone loves haunted houses, and no city or town lacks in a variety to choose from. Haunted houses can range anywhere from over $100 down to $5 a person, any can promise a fun night out. Good for just the two of you to enjoy and great for a group outing. Keep in mind, though, do your research! Some haunted houses are not what they claim and it’s always good to know what you are getting yourself into. You two are on a date, which means you care. So, safety first.

Halloween can be a perfect chance to get to know the person with whom you’ve been thinking most about. Between the inexpensive dates and festive activities, this time of year offer countless opportunities to take the relationship to the next level, or keep it in that casual balance. It’s in your control, so go out and have fun with it.

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