Cheap Date Ideas: Dating In A Down Economy

Dating on a regular basis can become extremely expensive, especially if you’re paying. Get creative and try some of the dates below to save money while impressing your date.   Below are some cheap dating ideas.

1. Take your date on a picnic. This can be romantic and thoughtful. Save money by cooking most of the food. Some good picnic foods are pasta salad, sandwiches, fruit, veggies, potato salad, fried chicken, and crackers. Just remember to pack a blanket and utensils.
2. Have a movie night at home. Grab a couple DVDs, a box of popcorn, and some candy and snuggle up in front of the television together. This date is perfect for a cold night when you don’t want to go outside. Start a fire to make it more special.
3. Go to the mall. The mall doesn’t sound inventive, but you can spice it up by making a game out of shopping. Each person takes five to ten dollars and tries to find the perfect present for the other person. Split up and meet back in the food court after thirty minutes. Whoever loses the competition has to pay for ice cream.
4. Invite two couples to have a cookout. One couple brings the entrée, one brings the side items, and another brings the drinks and dessert. It’s a great way to spend time with your significant other and friends.
5. Put together a puzzle. Purchase a puzzle and put it away for a rainy day. Make some tea or hot chocolate and chat as you put the puzzle together.
6. Play in the snow. Go tubing in the park or build a snowman together.
7. Wash your cars. Save this for a hot day when you’re dying to get outside. Contest: Who can stay the driest?
8. Exchange massages. You can pick up inexpensive massage oil at your local drugstore.
9. Dine in. Instead of going out for a nice meal, cut the price in half by making it at home. Go shopping for the ingredients and cook it together. Pick up a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner, and you still get a great meal without the debt.
10. Ice cream sundaes. Obtain your favorite ingredients for ice cream sundaes such as ice cream, bananas, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Make and eat the sundaes together.
11. Watch sports at home. Do you both of you love basketball, football, or baseball? Make a ritual of always watching your favorite team together. Grab some chips and dip and beer and your ready to go. Have fun rooting for your team together.
12. Go to the local museum. Museums are inexpensive and educational.
13. Check the local paper. Are there events in your town or city that are inexpensive and happening that week? Plan to go together.
14. Start a hobby. Do you both like to paint or take photos? Sign up for a class together at the local community college. Learn from each other.
15. Coffee shop. Go to the local coffee shop for a caffeine jolt and people watch. Make up stories about the people that look interesting. What’s the story of the woman who is dressed in all black and carrying a hot pink purse? Get creative.
16. Play a sport or work out together. You’ll feel better about yourself if you’re active and you might as well have fun doing it. Purchase a basketball and go to the park to play a game of HORSE. Go for a run along the beach or take a bike ride through a trail in the woods. Get outside and get moving.
17. Try ice skating. Do you have a local ice skating rink in your town or city? Usually, it’s pretty inexpensive to go ice skating. You can hold hands and pick each other up if you fall. Drinking some hot chocolate afterwards might be nice.
18. Go check out a local band. Do you both love music? Find out when and where local bands are playing and schedule some dates. Groove to the music and enjoy each other’s company.
19. Volunteer. Pick a charity that you both support and decide how you can help. Read to children at the local library, entertain the elderly at the community center, or help clean the trash out of the park. You’ll feel good about helping others which can only help your relationship.
20. Paint a room. Have you always wanted to paint your bedroom but never got around to it? Spend the day with your partner and a can of paint.

So, there you have 20 new great date ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.   Put them to use, and watch how these romantic dates will bring you closer to your partner, even if the wallet doesn’t open as far.

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