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Being Single: Where do I go now?

Being single isn’t the end of social life, although at times I know it can seem so. Many individuals have, and continue to, live successful lives with the choice of staying single. Some choose this lifestyle for career choices, others for faith-based motive, while others simply aren’t ready for that commitment to another person of great significance. Knowing this, I encourage you not to lose faith in the human race. After all, there is a Prince Charming or Princess in Waiting for you, just waiting to be discovered.
So, the question that now remains is not, «Why am I still single?» Believe me, asking yourself that question can really get you down. Instead, let the question, «What do I do with my single self?» resonate in your mind and heart. Rather than seeing single-hood as a negative mark on your life, embrace it! In all honesty, single-hood can be a true blessing, especially if you are one who is continuously working on themselves.

During this period of single-hood in your life, also ask, «Where am I going in life?» Very few people consider where they are in comparison to where they want to be in their personal lives, leaving them with a sense of stuckitis. Do you have goals set? Then pursue them! If you don’t, no need to fret, just take some time out of your day to sit and consider where you want to be in 5 years. I guarantee that considering or pursuing personal goals will help you grow as a person, and will actually cause you to be seen as more attractive to the opposite sex.

Another aspect to consider is family and friends in this chapter of your life. I hardly need to say that friends and family are exceptionally important, no matter the relationship status. In my experience (and this may be just me) time with family and friends tends to slip when Mr. or Ms. Right drops unexpectedly into your life. Be aware of this possibility, and take initiative to continuously build the bonds between friends and family. Honestly, they come first before he or she does, and their opinions or insights are valuable to your decision of who to date, or more.

As a side tangent, I want to return to your goals. Aside from setting yourself goals (if you have yet to), also add to your list who you see yourself being with. What kind of person are you attracted to? Will this person add to or subtract from your overall lifestyle? One question I typically ask myself is, «Can I see myself with this person later in life?» As intimidating as this may be, this technique may help sort out the riffraff from the keepers.

In closing, single-hood offers many benefits to your social life, including freedom to pursue goals that help you grow, giving you the opportunity to forge closer ties with friend and family, and giving the opposite sex something to desire. Also keep in mind that these concepts may not fit you, but at the same time may give you some guideposts to navigate with. Lastly, he or she is out there, waiting to be discovered. Don’t give up, yet don’t mount a search party. When the time is right, they will be brought into your life. Until then, press onwards!

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